The petition

So far, the petition had 69, 265 supporters and counting, they say that they still needed 5,735 supporters... @donttouchmypatch started the petition and if you ask me, I think they should have never made a petition for the film because I think Mr. Hunnam and Ms. Johnson deserve it, I can't really explain why... You just have to trust the team fifty, plus... making a petition against them is really ... you know, it feels bad because people are like telling you that you don't deserve the role given to you... If it were me, I would actually feel bad because there's 60,000+ people signed a petition for you to be removed from the cast so I think we should just chill about the cast. @donttouchmypatch has repeated over and over that they aren't trying to criticize the both actors, they just want their voices to be heard... That the readers are as important as the producer or director... Well, @donttouchmypatch has a point but we can never remove people's judgement... I'm on neutral grounds.

You lads should read VampiresAndWerewolfsareAwesomeAsHell23's blog, its really good and it will help clear your heads... DON'T GET ME WRONG, I didn't liked them both at the first time, I got really disappointed because I was team BomerXBledel but you know, you just gotta roll with it, go with the crazy flow of the casting because, I'm pretty sure that EL James won't let the movie suck... What I am saying here is, lets just keep our cool and stop the frenzy about the casting, stop the petition because for all I know, no matter how many supporters that petition has, team Ffity will never change their minds because history repeats itself, I think it was batman the movie who had 90,000 petition signature and I think a lot of Twihards hated Rpatz and Kristen Stewart from the start but they got over it and the movie was a big success... 

Let's give Bomer and Bledel a break because they have been in a lot of interview eversince the casting of FSOG was made, Matt appreciates the fans as said on the net, an artcile I've read and Bledel is falttered but did not say anything about Dakota... Lets just let team fifty make the movie and if its a huge epic fail .. in example.. It was only watched by a million people which is few because it turned out to be an ugly porno, I could tell you that EL James herself will apologise but totally, its never gonna happen because EL loves her fans and promise to never disappoint... 

Lets love all love team Fifty xx

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