The perfect Ana and Christian in my opion would be Alexis Bledel and Matt Bomer.

Ana is describe as a brown haired woman, pale and has two big blue eyes, a woman with a small body frame, full lips, slender and has a very innocent face... Me? haha I'm joking but what woman doesn't to be married to sex god like Christian? Alexis Bledel has just been in a upcoming American televison show which is called Us and Them and she's lead role so it means, more busy schedule for miss Bledel, but I really wish... If I had magic , I'd go AlexisXMatt all the way

 Just my opinion but I really think she's got it... The problem is ... Does she want the role? Hmmm The world may never know until El James andthe Fifty Shades Production announced it.

Christian Grey ... This is going to get messy if they do not choose the right man for the role of CTG... Maybe it won't be Matt but I really want him and I am not alone, some don't want him because he's gay but so what? He's a proffesional actor, just look at White Collar, girls would lick their tely screens because of Matt's extreme and unexplainable sex appeal; CTG is describe a statuesque man, broad shoulders, dark copper colored hair and gray eyes... Yeah, he doesn't have the same hair color but viola, hair dye was born...I do think that that sexy beast should be Christian Grey....

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