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  • Vodkagirl

    Oh my gosh!!! I couldn't believe how they looked like in the Entertainment Weekly magazine, it just looked so perfect!! It looks so good, they look so good, jeez!!! Though Jamie's hair is brown and in the book, it was

     copper... It was one of his sexy trademarks, gray eyes and Grey tie and so on but 

    I think its okay, its just his hair!! 

    Dakota is being much more Anastasia like in the book!! I am so happy about her being Ana, I hope she does well in the film but I think they'd make a great couple like Christian and Ana are.

    I'm happy about the height gap too, Ana could be more smaller but its all good!! she's smaller and he's taller so I think that's all that matters now. 

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  • Vodkagirl

    Red Satin and White Silk

    September 24, 2013 by Vodkagirl

    "Wine plays an important role in Fifty Shades of Grey, adding to the sensuality that pervades a number of scenes," said EL James of her new venture. "I've always had a penchant for good wine, so combining two of my passions to blend Red Satin and White Silk was a natural extension of the series. I hope my readers curl up with a glass as they enjoy the romance between Anastasia and Christian."

    To read more about the wine:

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  • Vodkagirl

    The petition of the cast

    September 7, 2013 by Vodkagirl

    So far, the petition had 69, 265 supporters and counting, they say that they still needed 5,735 supporters... @donttouchmypatch started the petition and if you ask me, I think they should have never made a petition for the film because I think Mr. Hunnam and Ms. Johnson deserve it, I can't really explain why... You just have to trust the team fifty, plus... making a petition against them is really ... you know, it feels bad because people are like telling you that you don't deserve the role given to you... If it were me, I would actually feel bad because there's 60,000+ people signed a petition for you to be removed from the cast so I think we should just chill about the cast. @donttouchmypatch has repeated over and over that they aren't t…

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  • Vodkagirl

    The cast

    September 4, 2013 by Vodkagirl

    When you think about it... Ms. Dakota Johson doesn't perefectly fit the role of Anastasia Steele but you know... maybe she's better than the rest or ist the way she acts... We know that EL James won't

    let anything bad to the movie because the story is just such a hot issue and ...

    pretty sure that the movie will be sooo soo hot... Let us wait for the premiere in August next year :))  Typically, Ana should be small framed and innocent looking... In my own opinion, the only thing I'm worried of is her height.. I like the fact that Christian towers over Ana, its sweet and cute.. but according to the net, Dakota is a fashion model and I am scared that she is very tall, she looks long legged but I have no idea what her height is... but I hope it …

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  • Vodkagirl

    The perfect Ana and Christian in my opion would be Alexis Bledel and Matt Bomer.

    Ana is describe as a brown haired woman, pale and has two big blue eyes, a woman with a small body frame, full lips, slender and has a very innocent face... Me? haha I'm joking but what woman doesn't to be married to sex god like Christian? Alexis Bledel has just been in a upcoming American televison show which is called Us and Them and she's lead role so it means, more busy schedule for miss Bledel, but I really wish... If I had magic , I'd go AlexisXMatt all the way

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