If Hollywood Life's source is right, it looks like we have a Christian Grey! An inside source is claiming that Magic Mike hottie Alex Pettyfer has indeed been cast in the title role of the hugely anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey (film).

Hollywood Life reports that the 23-year-old actor will play Christian Grey, with the role of Anastasia Steele reportedly still yet to be cast.

Word has it that the film will begin shooting in spring 2014 in London, England.

It had been reported yesterday that Alex had filmed a screen test for the role with Good Will Hunting director Gus Van Sant.

However, the rumor was that the test scene was just an audition for Gus to direct the film, and Alex was said to not be attached to the film.

It now sounds like Alex will in fact be playing Christian, so it remains to be seen if Gus turns out to be the director as well. Alex is 23, while Christian is 27 in the books.

If this is true, we're sure that plenty of fans will be disappointed. Several other actors were seen as the dream casting choices for fans, including Ian Somerhalder, Ed Westwick, and Matt Bomer.

But there's no denying that Alex is smokin' hot, as his abs in Magic Mike proved. And he certainly has the acting chops, having honed his skills in such films as Beastly, I Am Number Four and In Time.

So are you happy with Alex as Christian? Or will you be fit to be tied unless this turns out to just be a rumor?

Source: Say it ain't so??

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