An erotic novel has been called the “new Fifty Shades Of Grey” after selling more than 50,000 copies in Britain in its first week.

Bared To You has outstripped the sales figures of Brentford author EL James’s steamy work and is tipped to be the next publishing phenomenon.

It is written by Sylvia Day, a 39-year-old former linguist for US army intelligence, who paid for it to be published in April.

The book, about the emotionally charged relationship between advertising executives Eva and Gideon, was then picked up by a major publisher in the US and has gone on to sell almost 500,000 copies. It was released by Penguin in the UK last Thursday.

Day, who lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two children, said she was “thrilled” at the book’s success in Britain. She added: “It has some dark themes, the hero and heroine have some dark histories. I was worried it would be too dark. But I wrote it for myself, not expecting that it would find such an audience.”

Fifty Shades by James, the pseudonym of 48-year-old former TV executive Erika Leonard, is the fastest-selling paperback in Britain since records began, overtaking JK Rowling. But Rachel Russell, WH Smith’s business unit director, believes Bared To You “is the next phenomenon”.

Bared To You is the first in a trilogy, and Day says the second instalment is “almost done”. She has an agent who is negotiating the film rights, and fancies British star Henry Cavill and Scarlett Johansson in the lead roles.


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