Once I was in bed, all I can see is Christian Grey's penis, he he my husband and we have two children and expecting our third which is going to be a boy, now there is going to be three boys in the family and two women. So I just put my hand on his crutch and started rubbing it and he looked at me with his look, seductive sweet and lovable look. "Mrs Grey, aren't you hungry for more today. I don't know if it was the hormones with expecting our third blessing, but i love it" then I started to get pains in my lower abdomine. I looked down and I saw blood on the sheets. "Christian, we need to get to the hosiptial, I think I am miscarrying" so he got dressed and just gave me a long jacket and slip on shoes and we made our way to the hosiptal. I was rushed to the ER and the doctors had a look at me and it was I suspected. "Christian, I am sorry, they tried to save our son, but they couldn't....." that is all I had to say about that.

As we made our way back to the house, all I could feel is empty and sad, I had lost a child, I must tell someone about this. So I chose to tell Kate, "Kate, I had a miscarriage, I lost my third child. I don't know how to feel and I am not happy about it. All I want to do is to hide in my bed and and...." I said said, but I started to sob again Kate "Ana, have you spoken to Grace about this? Or was she the one who tried to save the baby." She asked and I took a breath and then said "She was and Christian is not taking it all to good, I think we should not talk about this, because it is making me cry again. I am sorry for cutting you off Kate." Then she said with her sweet voice "That is fine, hang up on me, you need some sleep. Good bye sis." be continued.......................................................

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