One great thing about Wikia is that anyone can include their input and work--however, occasionally we come across trolls on the wikis, as we have recently on Fifty Shades Of Grey Wiki. By the way, I'm defining "trolls" as people who purposefully insert totally irrelevant, harrassing or inappropriate material onto the wiki--not people who talk about sex, since it's difficult to discuss the Fifty Shades series without mentioning sex!

Since Fifty Shades of Grey is erotica, I understand that plenty of the material on this wiki will be sexual--which is totally fine. The issues I'm referring to are when it's clear that a poster has specifically put disgusting things on the wiki in order to bother other people (graphic images and stories not related to the book, etc).

The person who has done this has been banned, but since I'm sure there are others, I would like this community to link me to vandalism. Just contact me on my talk page, let me know what happened, and I'll be sure to get rid of it. Meanwhile, I hope you're all having fun debating who should play Christian Grey!

Happy editing!

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