I have read, as probably a lot of you have, that Charlie Hunnam will not be Christian Grey in the film. This is upsetting to me because I was really looking forward to seeing him and Dakota Johnson in this film. I wanted to see what kind of chemistry they had. I wanted to see him embody Christian and bring this character to life. This just sucks.

Unlike many who have read the books, I did not have a clear image in my mind of what Christian looked like. No actor that I know of & have seen in movies & on TV came to my mind when I envisioned Christian. I was very pleased with Charlie as Christian because I felt that he would do an amazing job as this character. He has this special "something" that just can't be described in words.

Now, I just hope that Miss James and the producers find a suitable actor that will not only have amazing chemistry with Dakota but also bring the character of Christian to life & do an amazing job portraying him on the big screen.

Thank you.

Kristiegirl (talk) 23:09, October 12, 2013 (UTC)

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