Have been thinking about things to add to the wiki. One idea I had was to compare differences between the British English and American English versions of the trilogy, and maybe even foreign language translations of the series. (For example, I find myself wondering how Jose's exclamations in Spanish would be handed in a Spanish translation of the book.) But I'd be really interested to hear what visitors to the wiki want to see, and why you visit the wiki.

What do you visit the wiki for?

  • To discuss the book trilogy (as a fan)
  • To discuss the book trilogy (as someone who dislikes the series or has criticisms of it)
  • To discuss the movie casting
  • To meet and talk to fans of the trilogy
  • To check facts when writing fanfiction or critical reviews of the series
  • To get an idea of what the series is like before actually reading or buying the books (if you haven't read it)
  • Something else

What do you want to see on the Wiki that isn't here?

  • More news/gossip about the movies, future novels, etc.
  • More in-depth character pages for the main characters
  • More in-depth summaries of the plotline
  • Series trivia (things like word counts, discrepancies, British slang in the American English version, ...)
  • More info about the real-life places and things that are "name dropped" in the series (like music, food, wine, cars, etc.)
  • More info about the timeline of the book
  • More info about Master of the Universe / compare Master of the Universe to Fifty Shades
  • More open discussion threads
  • Something else

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