Ana enjoys making up nicknames for people for her own personal amusement. Most of them focus on appearance, though some focus on demeanor. Most of these nicknames she keeps to herself (with the exception of the nickname "Mrs. Robinson" for Elena Lincoln).

  • Elena Lincoln: Mrs. Robinson (a reference to the 1967 movie The Graduate); Bitch Troll
  • Kate Kavanagh: Carla Bernstein (a reference to Carl Bernstein, one of the investigative journalists who reported on Watergate)
  • Leila Williams: Ghost Girl
  • Greta (Grace and Carrick's server): Little Miss European Pigtails
  • Gia Matteo: Miss-Provocative-And-Unfortunately-Good-At-Her-Job
  • Unnamed employee at Zax nightclub in Aspen: Miss Satin Hot Pants
  • Unnamed bank employee: Ms./Miss Insincere Smile
  • Miscellaneous blondes: Stepford wives
  • Whenever Kate asks a question: The Katherine Kavanagh Inquisition
  • Kate giving Ana a hug during Ana's wedding reception: The Katherine Kavanagh Special Hug

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