So this is the official The Weekend music video for Fifty Shades of Grey (film) that is coming very soon, in two to three weeks time. If you want to check more on the soundtrack please go to: Fifty Shades of Grey Soundtrack. But sources tell that the clip might be explicit and that the clip itself might be getting an R rating. So what are your thoughts on the clip? Please tell us in the comment section below your thoughts about the clip. Because all we can tell is that it is connected and that all I think about it is that Christian has longed for Anastasia and he thinks that he has earnt her in a way.

Earned It (Fifty Shades Of Grey) (From The "Fifty Shades Of Grey" Soundtrack) (Explicit)04:36

Earned It (Fifty Shades Of Grey) (From The "Fifty Shades Of Grey" Soundtrack) (Explicit)

After all, Fifty Shades Of Grey is a Fanfiction on the Twilight Saga and both Christian and Anastasia are meant to be Edward and Bella in another universe, so who knows, has that got anything to do with the Storylines of the franchise. And that EL James is one talented author.

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