My parents are away on a cruise from Brisbane Australia to New Zealand and they left me with my little sister and brother and I am feeling like a little scared at the moment even though that I am in my 20's I am feeling scared due to it is only us in the house. Unlike my parents and my older sister, they are on the safest thing in the world. I am scared for them and my sister and brother as well. I am sighing and looking out of the window and cringing on sleeping tonight and that I am not going to sleep tonight due to the stress of having the sensation of being over protective.

My current thoughts on tonight is that it is going to be a long and tragic one since I am currently thinking that someone could break in and steal and hurt my family. Other then that, it is spoiling my sleep patterns and I am just could to suck up that scarce and just have to force myself to sleep. Why can't thing be more easy when these things happen and that why can't I shut my brain off being things is starting to get a little wired in the house at the moment due to how quite and empty it feels even with the three of us in the house.

So have you been in my position due to I need advice. Please help me.

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