So I have applied to adopt this wikia as it needs to be turned over to a more of an active user and I am ranked one and I have been after to adopt this wikia so that it gets well tended to. Because I think it is getting overly edited and the work it just piling up and yet the users/anons just keeps editing and that is creating a meltdown of this wikia.

The main reasons that I am adopting this wiki is the following reasons and is explained to the highest quality.

  • One there is high amounts of edits from anons and a few of them are vandalising the pages and adding pages that should not be on this wikia.
  • The adoption is to stop trolls being trolls on here and that means I will heighten the security on here because of that reason.
  • There is a lot of swearing on this wiki that should not be happening and I am talking about using expletives like F**k and other words like that.
  • Plus the pages are just piling up and that the people thinks it is okay to make useless and horrid pages.

So please can you tell me what you think about this and please help me with this process.

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