Here are the ten facts--for fans, BY fans-- that everyone needs to know before seeing the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. A special thanks to all users who contributed their own fan facts here!

1. Anastasia Steele, aka Ana, is a senior at Washington State University in Vancouver, Washington.

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2. Ana is a shy, awkward girl who isn't used to getting a lot of attention.


3. Ana's roommate, Kate, gets sick and is unable to attend her scheduled interview with the entrepreneur, Christian Grey. Ana does her a favor and goes instead. This is how she meets the illustrious Christian Grey.

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4. Ana works at Clayton's, an independent hardware store in Portland. Christian shows up there after Ana interviews him to buy cable ties, duct tape, and rope (we wonder why...).
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5. José Rodriguez is one of Ana's best friends, except he has a big crush on Ana which sparks a lot of jealousy between him and Christian.


6. Christian is very upfront that he is not "a hearts and flowers kind of guy".


7. Christian Grey provides Ana with a contract that outlines her role as a submissive, his role as a dominant, rules and limitations. Ana is not sure if she will sign it.

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8. Ana loses her virginity to Christian.


9. Christian has a "Red Room of Pain", which is full of BDSM toys and equipment.


10. Christian's first dominant/submissive relationship was with one of his mother's friends when he was fifteen years old. This sparked his interest in BDSM.

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BONUS FACT: Christian Grey, played by Jamie Dornan, is very, VERY good-looking. That is all!


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