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Theodore "Teddy" Raymond Grey is the firstborn child and son of Christian and Anastasia Grey. He has a younger sister named Phoebe Grey, who is unborn as of the Epilogue (set in May 2014). Nicknamed Teddy or Ted, he was named after Christian's adoptive grandfather, Theodore Trevelyan, and Ana's stepfather, Raymond Steele. He is said to be very fickle and mischievous, and will only keep still for about 5-6 minutes when given Christian's Blackberry. Though Ana says that Christian has much more patience with him and plays with him, Christian mentions that Ana is "so good" to him, revealing Christian's insecurity and still-growing adjustment to fatherhood. He is also said to have inherited Christian's dark copper-colored hair and mercurial personality, but has Ana's blue eyes.

While pregnant with Phoebe, Ana recalls Teddy's birth as being complicated and ending up in a Caesarean due to his distress in the womb. Christian states that she nearly died, much to Ana's denial. Ana was in labor for 15 hours with Teddy.

Approximating Ted's birthdayEdit

Dr. Greene estimated that Ana was four to five weeks pregnant on Tuesday, September 13, 2011 (see book timeline). This puts the approximate date of conception between August 9 and August 16 -- right in the middle of Christian and Ana's honeymoon. Note that the length of a typical pregnancy is 40 weeks (source) . Assuming that Ted was not premature, his birthday is probably between May 29, 2012.

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