Real Cast


  • All three have been rumored to play:
    • Alexis Bledel as Anastasia Steele
    • Henry Cavil as Christian Grey[1]
    • Matt Bomer as Christian Grey[2]
    • Jensen Ackles as Christian Grey
    • Robert Pattinson was rumored to be Christian Grey according to screenwriter Bret Easton Ellis.[3]
    • Ian Somerhalder as Christian Grey, but is rumoured to be his brother (Elliot)[4]


  1. This is only a rumour
  2. This is only a rumour
  3. It was stated in an earlier interview that happened two years ago saying that he would play the role of Christian Grey, but later said that he wasn't going to because he did the research.
  4. Could be? But won't be!

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