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Carla May Wilks-Adams
Age 41
Born July 18, 1970
Lives Savannah, Georgia.
Gender Female
Spouse Robbin 'Bob' Adams
Family Anastasia Steele (Daughter)

Christian Grey (Son-in-Law)
Raymond Steele (Ex-Husband)
Stephen Morton (Ex-Husband)
Frank Lambert (Husband)
Theodore Grey (Grandson)
Phoebe Grey (Granddaughter)

Carla May Wilks is the mother of Anastasia Steele.

Ana describes her mother as being flighty, forgetful, self-centered, and easily bored. She has "the attention span of a goldfish", especially with respect to her hobbies that she tries to turn into business ideas. Ana goes so far as to call these ventures "harebrained schemes", saying that her interest in each idea only lasts for a week. Ana also legitimately worries that Carla may have mortgaged her house to finance her most recent idea, suggesting that her mom is financially irresponsible and short-sighted (and may have done something similar in the past).

In the BooksEdit


Please Note That:

  • The exact names and dates of Carla's marriages are given in the bonus material of Fifty Shades Freed, when Christian requests a background check on Ana.
  • Carla and her first husband, Franklin Lambert, married very young: Carla was nineteen years old. Ana was born six months after their wedding. (Carla was in labor for seventeen hours for Ana's birth.) Franklin was a Marine, and was killed in a training exercise a mere day after Ana was born.
  • Carla's second husband, Raymond Steele, also served in the military. Ana considers him to be her "real" father. When Carla divorced Ray and married her third husband, Ana chose to stay with Ray in Montesano, WA, rather than moving to Texas with her mom. Carla and Ray are able to be cordial to one another after their divorce, even dancing together at Ana's wedding.
  • Carla's marriage to her third husband, Stephen M. Morton, was a short lived one. She is very unwilling to discuss him, and considers that marriage to be a mistake. It is possible he may have been abusive.
  • Carla's fourth and current husband, Bob, is significantly older than her. He appears to be stable, rational, and grounded. They live near Savannah, Georgia.


On dating:

  • "Never trust a man who can dance."
  • "Just remember that men are from a different planet, and you'll be fine."

Film AdaptationEdit

Carla Wilks will be played by actress, Jennifer Ehle, in the film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey

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