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The relationship between Ana and Christian is all fifty shades of understanding between the two of them and in which they are going strong still.

Fifty Shades of Grey

They first met when Ana was interviewing Christian for the newspaper because Kate was sick and that they didn't stay away from each other even though there was warnings to stay away from each other but they still were together and still in love.

First date

they had the first date of coffee and tea and in which questions were said and Christian then told her to stay away from him because he was dangerous for her.

Second date

When they were up in the helicopter and she signed the NDA (No disclosure agreement) and Christian showed her his play room and soon after she said that she is a Virgin and they rectify her situation by making love.

Third date

They were at Christian mothers and fathers place and they had diner and in which Ana said that she was going to visit her mother and he didn't like that she kept that from him and so that started to scare Christian because he is not controlling her.

Fourth date

They were in the glider that Christian rented or owns and they were having so much fun.

Fifth Date

Fifty Shades Darker

First date

Second Date

Third date

Fourth date

Fifth date

Fifty Shades Freed









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